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2010 Mexico City Market Fun – The Magic Stick from Suzanne da Rosa on Vimeo.

A few weeks ago we were in Mexico City at the San Angel Market. This entertaining man, not one bit shy about his toothless grin, and totally into the music, captured our attention and imagination, performing with his magic wand in the plaza while young dancers were performing traditional folkloric dances behind us, providing the musical backdrop for his performance.

You can buy these magic sticks from him as we did, and he will teach you how to use them.

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P1030003Sunday morning. 10:30 AM.

Since midnight Friday night, the partying has been going on. The parade of the estrellas (stars) at midnight, followed by dancing and events in the Jardin until 4am when las mananitas – happy birthday song to San Miguel, the patron saint of the town is sung and the castillo fireworks are let off for an hour or so. People are fed punch and sweet rolls before they roll on home into bed for a few hours.

At 5 in the afternoon there is the parade of the Xuchiles – which includes dancers from all over Mexico who perform dances that have been remembered for centuries, wearing colorful costume, in the manner of old but with modern materials such as velvet, shiny tin, upside down decorated lampshade hats, masks, war paint, gourds, clacking shoes and paper flowers.  They have all been brought here by the city to perform for the town celebration, one of the largest events of the year.

They stay in schools, are fed by the town, and carry their supplies in trucks – mattresses, pillows, clothing and costumes.


I am a fan of watching the getting ready part of parades,
I asked several dance groups  for their stories
Here is what I was told:
The dances have been being danced for centuries,
Babies dance in their parents arms to learn young,
Some brought the dances back into being during this century,
Others say they have been dancing the same dances over 300 years.
That’s a long time.

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Last night in the Jardin
The Independence celebration
Began at 8pm.
With Ballet folklorico.
Dancers from San miguel
Age six and up
Performed traditional dances
From Michoacan,
Nayarit, Colima, Sinaloa.
The girls,
The young women,

In colorful circular skirts
With ribbons and ruffles,
Whipping and twirling them.
The boys,
The men, wore campesino, charro & regional traditional dress, carrying machetes, dancing with candles balanced on their heads – and a whole lot of foot stomping going on!
The movie – well, it ended up being 10 minutes long
With a nice sampling of all the dances.
Click here to view the movie or click on the photo above.

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