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The festival of San Miguel begins in the wee hours of the morning tomorrow so I thought I would publish the schedule of events which varies little from year to year. Along with it, slideshows of years 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2011.

Click on the photo below to view the 2007 Slideshow

Click on the photo below to view the 2008 Slideshow


3 am: Meeting of the dnacers & Mojigangas, corner of San Francisco/Nunez & procession to Jardin
4 am: Alborada – fireworks in the Jardin
7 am: Mananitas – happy birthday to San Miguel at the Parroquia
8-11am: Dancers in the Jardin & Plaza Civica
11 am: Mass to honor San Miguel Arcangel, Parroquia
12 noon – horseback riders from the ranchos parade from the train station to the Parroquia.
1pm: Voladores of Papantal in the Jardin
2pm: Blowing up the paper mache monos in the Jardin, 2pm (Parade down Calle San Francisco before)
5pm: Big Parade! Mojigangas, Xuchiles, dancers from all over Mexico (Calzada Estacion to Jardin)
7pm: dancers in Jardin
8pm: voladores
9pm: Rockets and fireworks

Click on the photo below to view the 2009 Slideshow

7-9am: Dancers in the Jardin
11am: Another big parade through the downtown starting on Zacateros near Calle Nuevo
1pm: tribute to San Juan de San Miguel, the city founder
3pm: 7pm Voladores
9pm: The BIG fireworks

Click on the photo below to view the 2011 Festival Slideshow:

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Today we visited Cañada de la Virgen, the pyramid site outside of San Miguel de Allende.  The site was built by the Otomí Indians around 500 BC and was inhabited until the 1500’s.


You go with a guide and are driven to within a 20-25 minute walk of the pyramid site & you hike in climbing volcanic rock steps.  Besides the Otomí, we were told that the Toltecs also used the site during this time, however they were a nomadic tribe who did not settle permanently here.

The pyramid is situated so the light of both the sun and moon come directly into the center at specific dates of the year during which ceremonial activities were performed.

As you can see the landscape after a good rain year is lush and green and today, in full bloom.

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Mario Mendoza, curator, Charco del Ingenio

On a visit to San Miguel, about four  years ago, we took a tour of El Charco del Ingenio in August after the rains. The preserve and botanical garden was in full bloom. We walked the length, with Mario Mendoza, curator.  The botanical tour was a mix of stories about the natural, plant and animal history plus personal stories about his  grandmother’s knowledge of the medicinal and healing uses of local plants. Included was a story of his life as a teenager, who on a dare, and as a rite of passage for boys at that time, walked the length of the aquaduct  from the Fabrica Aurora to the dam. This pipe sits high above the canyon, running for a full kilometer, making this a clearly dangerous, but I am sure an exhilarating, experience to be able to say that you had survived.


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